Cat Dental Care

Taking care of your cat's teeth

Kittens have 26 milk teeth which are shed by the time they are 6 months of age. Adult cats have 30 teeth, however if some of the temporary teeth are left, they can cause problem and so may need to be extracted.

Regular dental checks will reveal any problems, as cats are very stoical and will not willingly show signs of pain. Unfortunately up to 70% of cats up to 3 years of age have dental disease which is mostly preventable.

The most common signs of dental problems are:

  • Reluctance to eat.
  • Pawing at the mouth.
  • Painful swellings on the side of the mouth.


Cleaning your cat’s teeth

The gold standard of dental care is daily brushing -well we do! Other options are using chews and dental diets.

  • Start by gently holding the mouth for short period.
  • Once your cat is happy with this, hold the mouth closed and gently lift the lip.
  • Once happy with this, rub the teeth and gums with a finger.
  • Start to introduce a small amount of paste on the finger.
  • A finger brush can then be used.
  • Start slowly, use plenty of praise and always start with the back teeth.

We can provide a dental plan for your cat tailored to their individual needs.

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