Feeding your cat

Nutrition advice for your Cat

To keep your cat healthy it is important that it is fed a food that is suitable for its life stage. Skeletal deformities, growth problems, constipation, vomiting and skin problem are regularly seen when an unsuitable diet is fed.

Dry food is more cost effective when compared to wet food. Dry food helps to keep gums and teeth healthy.

We recommend the HPM diet created by Virbac. It is an advanced low-carb, high-protein formulation specifically designed to support the long-term health and well-being of cats. The HPM is tailored to the specific nutritional need of each lifestage.

  • Growth Stage
    Diets for kittens are available so that their nutrient requirements are met. Targeted nutrition helps to prevent growth abnormalities and obesity.
  • Adult Cats
    Adult diets provide all the nutrition requirements of the cat. For those cats that are prone to being overweight, ‘Light’ varieties are available to prevent further weight gain.
  • Senior Cats
    Senior diets are available for cats over 7 years of age. They provide optimal nutrition for senior life by keeping the joints and vital organs healthy.


Always make sure fresh water is available. Some cats enjoy a water fountain, and will readily drink as they prefer drinking from running water.

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