Protect your pet against creepy crawlies

Protect your pet against creepy crawlies

Has your pet been treated for parasites?

There are many different kinds of parasites, some that live inside your pets and some that live outside of them. These can cause many health problems to your pet and some can even cause danger to humans. 

Endoparasites Live inside the animal

They feed breed and live inside pets internal organs. They are contracted by ingesting poo or other organism including slugs, snails and mice. The health problems and disease risk they pose can be fatal.

Examples include Roundworm, Tapeworm, Lungworm, Hookworm, Heartworm and Whipworm. 


  • Tapeworms can grow to over a metre in length.
  • Once mature the tapeworm releases eggs via the pets poo. 
  • Animals that hunt or scavenge need tapeworm treatment more often.


  • The adults live in the small intestine and feed on the contents of the gut.
  • Puppies can be born infected with roundworm.
  • Symptoms can include a pot belly, poor coat, diarrhoea and poor or poor growth but often there are no outward signs.

Ectoparasites – Live on the surface of animals

They can fly, jump or crawl on to a pet. The biting can cause irritation and discomfort which if left untreated can lead to major health problems. 

Examples include Fleas, Ticks, Ear mites, Mange mites and Biting lice. 


  • Only 5% of the flea population is actually on the animal, 95% is in the environment.
  • Eggs are laid on your pets but fall into the environment, this includes your carpets or pets bedding.
  • Fleas can cause Flea Bite Dermatitis by irritating the pets skin, they can also transmit infections. 
  • Flea Allergy dermatitis (FAD) is caused by an allergic reaction to the fleas saliva.


  • Ticks lie in wait in vegetation and attach to dogs or cats that brush past.
  • They have highly developed mouth parts, which allow them to pierce a hole through the skin to feed on blood. 
  • They can cause anaemia and even death if there is a severe infestation in a young animal.
  • Ticks carry and can transmit Lyme disease to your pets. 

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