Joey Italian Greyhound


Joey the 4 month old Italian Greyhound was rushed in one day by his owner with a badly broken leg. Unfortunately these little guys can be prone to breaking bones due to their small, dainty build and thin legs. These attributes however give them the ability to run very fast and be very agile.

Joey was examined and some x-rays were taken to see what damage had been caused. Joey had not only broken his radius but also his ulna. It was decided that the best way to repair Joey’s leg was to put a plate in it. With Joey’s bones being so small due to his breed and age it made the surgery more difficult. After an hour and a half of extensive surgery fortunately Simon our vet was able to stabilise the break. But, this didn’t mean Joey was out of the woods yet.

 dog skeleton

Joey had to come in every few days for bandage changes and check ups to ensure the wound was healing well. He had to be on strict rest with little physical exercise to ensure a healthy recovery. Follow up x-rays revealed good news that all was healing well and the surgery was a success.

He started off being a rather worried little man but once he got to know everyone that soon changed. He even managed to have a little cheeky wee on the nurses whilst in for his bandage changes but he never failed to make us smile.




X-ray 2

Sadly Joey’s owners hadn’t insured him yet and had to cover the cost of his surgery and ongoing treatment themselves. Accidents happen and having pet insurance can help you to cover those unexpected costs.

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