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We offer full dog health care and advice. We have a wealth of veterinary dog care information with tips and support to help keep your dog safe and happy.

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For some cats, a veterinary visit can be a stressful experience. We aim to make your visit and experience as smooth as possible, for your cat and for you.

Rabbit veterinary service

Owning and caring for a rabbit is great fun and very rewarding. We ensure to keep your rabbit as healthy as possible with our experience and advice.

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Carmarthen based veterinary practice

Welcome to Towy Vets, We’re an RCVS Accredited Small Animal General Veterinary Practice. We pride ourselves in providing high quality veterinary care in a conveniently located practice at affordable prices. Our qualified staff are experienced and are all committed to providing the highest standard of care for you and your pets.

Towy Vets emergency out of hours Carmarthen

Out of hours emergency

Our out of hours cover is provided by Carmarthen Veterinary Centre. You can be reassured that if your pet needs an emergency consultation or treatment that you will be seen by professional and compassionate staff. If you are unsure that your pet’s symptoms are urgent, we can provide advice over the telephone.

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Common Pet FAQ'S

Yes, special dental products such as pet toothbrushes and toothpastes are available from your vet to help prevent plaque build up. Our staff can help you to apply these techniques correctly to achieve the best results. Training your pet to accept dental care measures at an early age is very important. Feeding complete specially formulated dry diets can also help to prevent further tartar build up (this is recommended for adult animals). Dental disease can cause significant problems as your pet gets older and so should be controlled from an early age.

After the initial vaccination course (2 injections 2-4 weeks apart) it is recommended that your pet is vaccinated every 12 months. This vaccination appointment also includes a full health check.

A small capsule, the size of a large grain of rice, containing the animal’s unique 15 digit registration number is simply inserted under the skin at the back of the animal’s neck. The microchip number can be read via a hand-held scanner. Vets, police and pet rescue centres all have suitable microchip scanners. The name and address details relating to the microchip number are all stored on a national database. If your pet becomes lost or is stolen, it can be easily identified and its owner contacted.

  • Make sure that the policy is a LIFETIME or LIFE POLICY
  • There is no limit on the time that can be claimed for each condition
  • There are no exclusions at renewal for ongoing conditions
  • The company is a pet insurance specialist
  • Whether the excess will increase after each claim

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Day Opening hours
Monday 08:15 – 18:00
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Wednesday 08:15 – 18:00
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Sunday Closed

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