Healthy Hearts February ♥

Healthy Hearts February

Healthy Hearts February ♥

February is well know for Valentines day and so what better time than now to celebrate Healthy Hearts.

At Towy Vets we are hoping to raise awareness about the prevention, detection and treatment of Heart conditions in dogs and cats.  So, this February we are offering FREE Heart Checks. During this heart check your pets weight, pulse and respiratory rate will be assessed as well as their heart and lung sounds. If anything abnormal is detected further testing and treatments can be discussed.

Cats and Dogs can suffer from Heart conditions just like we can. One of the more common conditions are Heart murmurs.This occurs when the clear beat of the heart has a swooshing sound. This is caused by the blood not being pushed through the different valves of the heart cleanly, and this is what creates the noise we hear.

Heart disease can lead to congestive heart failure. This is when the heart has trouble pumping blood to the rest of the body. Sometimes only one side of the heart is affected and other times both sides are affected. Congenital just means that the pet was born with a heart defect but it may become worse with old age, exercise or injuries.


Some interesting facts about the heart

  • On average a dogs heart pumps 4000 litres of blood a day
  • The heart of a whale is roughly the size of a car
  • Octopuses have three hearts


If you have any worries about your pets heart health then you can take advantage of our FREE heart checks. Only available throughout February 2018 so don’t miss out! Call us on 01267 238810 ♥

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